Exercising your Chow Chow

So your puppy has had all the necessary vaccinations and you want to be able to take him/her out for walks, knowing how often and when to take your new puppy for a walk, Exercising your Chow Chow  is important not only for the general health of your puppy but also for the health of their growing bones. While taking your dog for a walk is great for socialising and his/her well being it can also be detrimental to their developing bones. Very short walks are recommended for your puppy with a maximum of ten minutes each day, your puppy will tire easily and for the first few months will be getting all necessary exercise from playing and running around that they may not require any extra walking.

Over exercising your Chow Chow puppy while it is still growing is not a good thing to do. A Chow’s skeletal structure is still forming and growing until they reach around 18 months of age, until this age or even a bit later the bones are still not strong enough to cope with the extra stress caused by too much exercise.

Generally an adult chow will require around 45-60 mins of exercise per day, some chows are lazier than others and may require even less. An indication of your chow’s energy level will be if they lay down midway through a walk and refuse to move, which they can and will do. If your Chow Chow does this try to split your allocated time between 2-3 walks instead of all at once.

There are some things that a Chow Chow should never be encouraged to do one of those is jumping, jumping can not only cause stress on the hip and elbow joints it can also cause injuries. Chow Chows are prone to cruciate ligament injuries and fixing this type of injury can be very expensive, it is a good idea to have your Chow Chow insured to help towards the cost of any accidents or injuries.

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