Chow Chow Guard Dogs

Chow Chows are well known for their lion like look and blue-black tongues but one of the other positive traits is they make good guard dogs. Chow Chows were originally bred as working dogs, pulling sleds, hunting and guarding, their thick coats allowed them to be resilient to harsh climates making them a good all round working dog.
Chow Chows are very aloof and can be standoffish with strangers this is one of the reasons why chows make good guard dogs, they will alert you with a continual loud bark to let you know something is going on that shouldn’t be and even sometimes when there is absolutely nothing going on, a few weeks after we first got koda I had been doing some gardening and he did his usual perimeter walk of the garden and suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, it was the first time we had heard him really bark, he had spotted a stranger! Well to him it was a stranger to us it was a bag of compost that I had forgotten to put in the shed but he stood his ground giving out a ferocious bark to let us know something was going on.

Chow Chows have a good sense of smell and they can smell and hear a stranger approaching before you even see or hear them yourself, my two know the sound of mine and robs cars from a street away and know exactly when we are returning home waiting for us with wagging tails. Their senses and hearing are what make them great guard dogs their bark is loud and can be very intimidating if you do not know the Chow temperament. Kya usually gives off warning barks and the typical Chow Chow chuff and let lets out a full on bark, koda being a typical male goes straight into a full on bark making you aware something is going on.

Even though Chow Chows are extremely good guard dogs and they can sound intimidating and ferocious they are not, it is very unlikely that a Chow Chow would ever attack anyone, Chow chows are not trained to attack unlike German Shepherds for instance who are trained to attack and bring down a criminal so they can be arrested, police dogs are put through countless hours of training to be able to do this but a chows instincts are just to raise an alarm and not to attack.

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