Blue-Black Tongue

The Chow Chow is well known for having a distinctive blue-black tongue, there are only a few other animals on this planet with blue tongues Giraffes have a black, blue or purple tongue, the reason for the blue-black tongue is supposedly to stop it from getting sunburnt while they are eating. There is also the blue-tongued skink (a lizard from Australia) the reason they have the blue tongue is to scare away predators alongside the hissing sound that they make, polar bears also have a blue-black tongue but there are only two other dog breeds that carry the blue-black tongue, one of those is the Chow Chow and the other is the shar-pei.

Naturally Born Pink

Chow Chow puppies are actually born with a pink tongue, as they get older the tongue begins to change colour, by around 8-10 weeks old the tongue will no longer be pink change to blue-black, the darker the better, but it can be a lot lighter in some lighter colour Chows.

Why do Chow Chows have blue-black tongues?

It still remains a mystery as to why Chow Chows have the characteristic blue-black tongue and there apparently is no genetic explanation for it, but there are a couple interesting legends behind it. One of these was that when god was painting the sky blue as he was painting, a few drops of blue paint spilled down, a dog started to lick the paint and that’s how the Chow Chow got his blue tongue. It is also said that it was to ward off evil spirits making the Chow Chow the perfect guard dog, who knows why the Chow Chow has a blue-black tongue the reason I love the blue-black tongue is because it makes them stand out from any other breed making them extremely unique.

for a more in depth look at the chow chow characteristics and the breed history see this article here you will fall in love with the breed just like we have.

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