About Us

Kya OutdoorsHello and welcome to Celtic Chows, We decided we wanted to get a puppy and started looking at different dog breeds that were suitable for our home and work life balance, after trawling pages and pages of google images we saw a photo of a beautiful chow chow, it was then that we fell in love with the breed and started our search for puppies. Little did we know it would take many more months of trawling the internet trying to find one. Every time we found one they had either already been sold, were too far away or they weren’t kc registered. We wanted to have KC registered puppies from an experienced breeder not from someone who does it on the side because we wanted to ensure we had happy, healthy puppies. When we first got them we had decided to keep them separate as much as possible,  because we wanted the bond to be with us and not each other, from research we did online they said that if the puppies bonded with each other then it would be difficult for them to bond with us and training would be even more difficult because they wouldn’t respect us, they say that chows will choose a member of the family to bond with and that’s certainly the case with our two, Kya is more bonded to rob and Koda is bonded with me. We have had a lot to learn with our chows as we are first time chow owners not knowing anything about the breed,  they are strong minded, independent but very loving, loyal beautiful dogs.

How we got started

Koda Cute FaceAfter months of searching  we were given a number for a breeder in Devon, sadly she had sold all of her puppies but she knew of another breeder who still had pups and that’s how we got Kya. We drove down to see them and spent a couple of hours sitting and playing with them and chatting to the breeder, we just couldn’t make up our mind which one we wanted. One of the pups walked over to me grabbed my finger and tried to run off, I picked her up and she peed on me I didn’t know at the time but this could of been a temperament issue and something I would look out for in future, it was settled though she was the one we were getting. After about a week of us having Kya we saw an advert for Koda and we fell in love, as our search for her had taken so long  and we had already made the decision that we wanted two Chows we decided to bite the bullet and get Koda, we drove up to Nottingham to see the litter and had the choice of two blue boys as soon as I saw him I was besotted, his colouring was amazing! and he had this cute floppy ear.

Kya Tongue Outoriginally this website was created just to track the progress of our  chow chows  Kya and Koda, our love for both of our chows,  the breed as a whole has inspired us to want to launch a business, our dream is to set up boarding kennels providing boarding, grooming, training classes and  it is also  our intention to try to improve the breed by breeding  our own line of chows. i’ve grown up with dogs my whole life i’ve worked in both boarding kennels and rescue kennels and due to my love of dogs have always wanted to own and run a business doing the same, although we currently live in the city but eventually want to move to the country where we have lots of space for our fur babies to run around.

  • Kya smelling the flowers
  • Koda in the flowers
  • Kya in the garden
  • Koda and Kya in the window
  • Koda with his ball

About Our Chow Chows

Koda AKA Mosspark Blue Moon  he is a stunning blue Chow Chow

Laying Down Chow ChowKoda is a typical boy, he has more energy than a three year old after eating a bag of skittles which is unusual for chows as they can be quite lazy, he is a great big ball of mischief and if he can get into it he will, hes very nosy and inquisitive. He is also very very affectionate and loving when he is having his quiet 5 minutes. When we  first got Koda he would not listen to anything, everything was on his terms but we have seen a massive improvements in him over the last two years with the help of training and obedience classes we have stayed disciplined with him and even though he loves to get his own way we don’t give in for his own good. He loves playing with his ball and when hes got it nothing else matters he loves to play fetch but once hes had enough he will find a place to lay down and chew it, its safe  to say we buy him lots of balls, Overall he is an amazing Chow with his very own huge personality.

KYA AKA Rose Chow Eloise she is a beautiful red Chow Chow

Kya laying down in the gardenKya is a bit more laid back than Koda but just as stubborn at times, she has a very short attention span so whatever you have has to be worth her giving her time and energy for or shes not interested. Kya is the older of the two by 1 week and she knows who’s boss, she is affectionate and loves to give kisses,  Kya can be quite standoffish with strangers especially very tall men, they are both great around kids and love to give them a cuddle. Kya is very nosy and has to be the centre of attention if Koda is having a cwtch she will dive right in and take over. Kya doesn’t play with balls or toys   but she absolutely loves the hose pipe she will run around chasing the water all day if you let her, however shes not keen on still water like ponds and pools.  Kya can be extremely stubborn and  when shes on one will not listen to a word you say its quite funny when she just falls down on the floor rolls on her back with her legs in the air refusing to do what shes told. overall shes a great Chow with a big personality.

Koda Tongue OutWhat have we learned about our chows so far, well loyalty is certainly a word I would use for them, we have already established that Koda is bonded to Hayley, she cannot move anywhere without Koda following behind her, if a door is shut he will sleep on the other side as close to her as possible, if hes outside he will jump up at the window for a cwtch every 15 to 20 minutes, Chow Chows are strong minded and independent yet they still like attention and affection. They love to play, Koda especially loves water whether its puddles, his water bowl or the river he will be straight in there, we have also learnt that Chows have a really high prey drive and have recently had to relocate numerous hedgehogs to the local park because once they sniff them out they just have to get to it whether that’s jumping over a fence or digging under it lol, we have also discovered that no two Chows are the same they both have their own little personalities. Kya and koda have been  socialised since the day we got them with training classes and outings to the park and school ect, people go crazy for them, mainly because they are so beautiful looking and unique. Generally people come out with comments like wow is that actually a living teddy bear, which in my view is true as I think kya looks like bungle off rainbow (if you get that reference unfortunately you are feeling a lot older than you want to feel, sorry)

About Us

Kya and Koda LovingWho are we? Well we are passionate and hard working people that will do anything for our Chow Chows, we are new to the breed even though we have had lots of other breed of dogs over the years we have never kept Chows before,  even though it has been difficult having two Chow puppies at the same time it has definitely been worth it, in hindsight we think we  definitely would have waited until Kya was a bit older before we got the second one and will recommend this in future to anyone wanting to buy 2 puppies.  We also would of made sure when choosing a foundation bitch that there were no endorsements placed on her registration papers we trusted our breeder to do the right thing and were let down. The end game for us is to educate ourselves on what it is to own and breed chows and pass this knowledge onto others , yes we know we still have a lot to learn and a long way to go but it will all be worth it, we love our dogs and want to provide them with the best life possible, they have inspired us to start our business and they continue to inspire us every day.

Our promise to you as a buyer is honesty and integrity, we will never mislead anyone into buying one of our chow chows. Buying a chow chow like any other breed of dog is a huge commitment and responsibility they are not an easy breed and may not be suitable for everyone, there will be up’s and downs but we intend on providing all the help and support for you to raise beautiful chows like ours whether that be as pets or by continually improving the breed. For us it has never been and never will be about money,  it has and always will be about the health and happiness of our chows. When we do start preparing to breed our Chow Chows it will be by following all of the rules and regulations set by the kennel club .