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We are the proud owners of two  beautiful Chow Chows, Kya who is our female red Chow Chow and Koda is our blue male Chow Chow they are  just over 2 years old   now , we searched for around 8 months before we found our first  which was Kya and then a week later we saw an advert for Koda and we fell in love with him and had to have him. Having two Chow puppies has been tough  but we wouldn’t change them for the world, Kya is quite laid back but has her moments and Koda is very mischievous and into EVERYTHING! we hope you enjoy our website and our Chow Chows as much as we do.


Chow Chow Characteristics


Cat Like


Very Clean




Good Guard Dogs

Blue Black Tongue

More About Chow Chows

Chow  Chows are very independent and aloof, they like to do their own thing but they also need an experienced owner someone who will not let them rule the roost.
Chows are generally  healthy but  they can prone to health issues like entropion, hip/elbow displaysia, so it is important that you choose your Chow  carefully.
Blue-black tongue
Chow  Chows are well know for their distinctive blue-black tongues, there are very few other animals  that have  a black tongue one of them is the giraffe and the other is a sharpei.
Excellent Guard dogs
Chow Chows make excellent guard dogs, as they were originally bread for that purpose, as well as hunting, herding and pulling .
Chow Chow Coat
Chow Chows have a very thick double coat,  they can also come as a smooth coat and  in a few different colours, red, blue, cream, black, white and fawn.
Very Little Exercise
Chow Chows require very little exercise needing on average between 30  and 60 minutes per day and some even less at around 20 minutes per day.