Kya - Rosechow Eloise

Kya Laying In The Garden
Chow Chow Flowers

Breed – Chow Chow

Pedigree – Champion Blood Lines

Born – 23/06/2015

Sex –  Female

Colour – Red

Temperament –  Sweet natured, loving and laid back.


kya is a beautiful red Chow Chow, she is full of energy and loves to chase Koda around the garden,   she also has a very loving sweet nature. For the most part Kya is laid back and and easy going but like any typical Chos Chow she has her stubborn side when she turns her nose up at you and ignores everything you say, especially if you are trying to get her to go out in the rain, she will fall over roll on her back and play dead. Kya also loves water  but only if it’s from the hose pipe, she will chase it around the garden trying to catch it, but shes not keen on the rain or standing in water.