Koda - Mosspark Blue Moon

Koda Cute Face
Koda sitting down in the garden

Breed – Chow Chow

Pedigree – Champion Blood Lines

Born – 29/06/2015

Sex –  Male

Colour – Blue

Temperament –  Sweet natured, loving and mischievous.   


koda is a beautiful blue Chow Chow, he is full of energy and loves to run around the garden chasing his ball.  he has a very loving sweet nature but also a mischievous side  he will do things like grab a tea towel off the side and run around to get you to chase him, he’s into everything. He is very curious  and never stops exploring. Koda also loves water whether it’s his water bowl, a river, a pool or a pond he will just dive right in, especially if he is hot, he will dip his feet in his water bowl.