Independent Chow Chow

The Chow Chow breed is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in existence, they are well known for being independent and are the perfect example of loyalty, dignity and beauty. if you like an independent chow chow this is the dog for you.  One of the things that sets the Chow Chow apart from any other dog breed is their unique blue-black tongue and people are always fascinated by it.

They are also a very intelligent breed, with a very independent cat like spirit, they also display a very dignified demeanour and carry themselves very proudly. The Chow is extremely aloof, they can be very stubborn and strong-willed so they need a strong owner who will be able to control their dominant side, Chows are not suited to everyone they can be quite a handful when they want to be.

A well-bred and well-socialized Chow Chow makes for an excellent family dog. A badly bred unsocialised Chow Chow is a disaster especially in the hands of someone who is new to the breed. Chow Chow dogs have a strong, broad, medium-sized frame and are covered in a dense double coat, their coat can be rough or smooth. If like us you love the look of a Chow Chow, their unique appearance and independent spirit, you’ll have a fiercely loyal companion for life.

Chow Chows are devoted to their owners, they are very protective of their owners and their property which is why they make good guard dogs. Chows do not need much exercise, on average they require about 45 minutes to an hour per day, because they are an independent breed they do not require lots of attention like other dogs and are quite happy to do their own thing most of the time although they are very affectionate and loving towards their owners they can be quite standoffish to strangers.


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